Abbot Kinney Festival, The Brig Bar, Boardwalk, Music Fest – Things To Do – Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA

Venice Beach is located in Los Angeles and is a staple of California culture. Known for its stunning beaches and lively lifestyle, Venice is a year-round tourist destination with plenty to see and do. Venice Beach has fantastic weather, which is one of its best features. The sun always seems to be shining in Venice making it the perfect place for outdoor events like music festivals, art exhibitions, food fairs, or sporting events.

Abbot Kinney Festival: One annual event that is always fun to catch is the Abbot Kinney Festival, which takes place in September. This is one of Venice Beach’s biggest events. Festival-goers can enjoy live music, food vendors, and art exhibitions as part of this outdoor event.

The Iconic Brig Bar: The Brig Bar is located on Abbot Kinney and is a great place to stop in for a drink during the festival and The Brig Parking Lot has an outdoor event space that is sure to be popping off with some fun, as it is one of Venice Beach’s most popular outdoor venue spots, with a 6,700 square foot lot!

Venice Beach Music Fest: Another awesome event is the Venice Beach Music Fest. It features local musicians, artists, and performers and is a free outdoor event! Experiencing this unique community’s eclectic and creative vibe through these happenings is a wonderful experience that everyone should try!

Venice Beach: Don’t forget the beach. Venice Beach also hosts outdoor sporting events throughout the year for all those sports enthusiasts out there. Featuring local teams competing on the famous Venice Beach basketball courts, the Venice Beach Basketball League is one of the most celebrated. Throughout the year, volleyball and surf competitions are also held in Venice Beach.

Venice Beach Boardwalk: A must for anyone in the area, The Venice Beach Boardwalk is the perfect outdoor activity when you’re looking for a more relaxed setting. Stroll along the street performers, artists, and food vendors on this iconic boardwalk that stretches for two miles along the beach. The lively atmosphere makes it a great place to sip on some coffee and people-watch as well.

You really can’t go wrong spending time in Venice Beach! It offers a variety of outdoor events for every taste, making it one of the best destinations. You’ll surely find something to interest you in this vibrant community, whether you’re a music enthusiast, arts lover, sports enthusiast, or just a sun seeker!

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