Beach Please! Must Visit California Beaches This Summer – The Brig Parking Lot

Beach Please! Must Visit California Beaches This Summer. California is known for amazing weather and some gorgeous beaches that grant both entertainment and serenity all in one! Warm sand, crisp salt sprinkled air, and the cool big blue draw us all in. We are counting down our top 3 Cali beaches to check out this summer!

Manhattan Beach, California – If you are looking for the ultimate chill beach look no further than Manhattan Beach. The beach town is super cute and very clean. There are quaint little coffee shops and places to socialize around the sands but there is something about Manhattan Beach that feels like home. Located in the South Bay, it is one of the smaller beach town communities in California and certainly one of the best!

Newport Beach, California – Rolling out of the South Bay and into the OC, Newport Beach is another great place loaded with fun! From bars and restaurants to activities galore, Newport Beach has something to offer for everyone. Newport has duffy boat rentals, party boats, and even beaches designated just for the kiddos like Mother’s Beach! If you are looking for a good time, head on over to Newport!

Venice Beach, California – Of course, we save the best beach for last, Venice Beach! We see you Venice!!! (literally, see you!) Besides being the home of The Brig Parking Lot, Abbot Kinney Blvd, which hosts epic outdoor events, Venice takes beach life to another level. The beach is artful and has a diverse crowd as there is something for everyone! Check out the shops, spots to grab some grub, and events than head down for some sunshine on the shore. Venice is sure to satisfy your beach please!  

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