Best Beaches in California

When you hear someone say beach, the mere image that is drawn in your mind appeals to you in a way that nothing else can. It is the calmness that is bundled with a beautiful view, multiplying the feel-good emotions when you are standing on a beach. You must have heard that an ocean breeze puts a mind at ease. And rightly so, beaches do have the power to engrave a calming and soothing sensation straight down to your soul. They are like free natural mind relaxers if that’s even a thing.

But, do all beaches have the all-pleasant feel attached to them? Well, that’s a topic for another day. However, California is one such state that’s bound to offer a new experience on every one of your seaside ventures. And why is that? Because the Californian coastline is 840 miles long and has 420 plus public beaches! Talk about variety!

The state has something for everyone. Sandy, rocky, foggy, and even sunshine beaches, the list is long. Not a fan of more people lingering on the beach? Cool. Secluded beaches to your rescue. Want more people’s presence to not feel like you are visiting a set of an upcoming American horror film? Choose crowded beaches. The point we are trying to make is that there are options for everyone. And to shell out the best ones here’s a list to guide you.

La Jolla Shores Beach

Falling in the San Diego area, this is one of the best beaches the area has to offer. The beach is popular among visitors and is mostly jam-packed with families and little ones. La Jolla Shores beach is included in this list because it is from here that you can shove off to explore the La Jolla Shore in a stand-up paddleboard or kayak. Love surfing? Fret not. Surfers are found riding the waves all the time and you can, too. Also, don’t get bogged down by the jam-packed tag of this beach. If you need a little peace, just walk North towards Scripps Pier.

Bolsa Chica State Beach

This one in particular is pretty common with the surfers. It’s a 3-mile long golden sand coast near Huntington Beach. If at some point, you are want to explore something other than oceanic waves and sand, prepare yourself to explore the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve which is an estuary across the road. Birdwatchers here have spotted more than 300 species of birds in spring and summer.

Bolinas Beach

Although the people in the small town of Bolinas wouldn’t want this beach to be included in the list, you will be amazed to see the beauty of this less-visited beach. Bolinas people refrain from any signs pointing straight to their community as they choose to remain on their own. Result? You’ll have to discover this beach via unmarked roads. But don’t forget to enjoy yourself once you reach there. The beach is a secluded spot, obviously, and has beginner-friendly waves that help the surfing enthusiasts to try their luck. Word of caution though, keep an eye on the great white sharks while surfing.

Coronado Beach

The beach is home to the iconic Hotel del Coronado, the turrets of which most likely inspired the castle in Wizard of Oz. Coronado Beach has an appeal so mesmerizing, you’d want to stay here for as long as you could. It has a flat beach for skimboarding, warm water for swimming, volleyball, fire rings, and much much more. The beach throws a magical vibe with its white sand that glitters like gold due to the presence of mica, a mineral rarely found in beach sand. The beach is literally a dazzling beauty.

Moonstone Beach

Have you gotten over the beautiful white sand of Coronado Beach? Well, you have to, because of Moonstone beach with appealing brown sand that can equally mesmerize you. Although the coast is narrow at high tide, still it is preferred by many visitors due to the experience it offers. The beach is in parallel to Moonstone Beach Drive that houses great restaurants and many motels to make your stay worth remembering. The picturesque setting of the beach is all that you need to keep your social media feed updated (and perhaps, your friends jealous).

Sand Dollar Beach

Visuals can be deceptive, but in this case, it is the name that is. Sand Dollar Beach has nothing to do with dollars, but the name’s encouraged by sand dollars, a species of flat, burrowing sea urchins that are found across this beach. Visitors here try to spot sand dollars and also jade stones, which are semi-precious gemstone. Although the latter isn’t much present on the beach as rockhounds steal a majority of them. However, the beach is a hidden gem that most of the people driving Highway 1 in Big Sur miss out on.

Pebble Beach

Several beaches in California are named Pebble Beach but there is none like this one. The lucky residents of Crescent City in Northern California are some of the few people who know about the Beach along with a few other non-residents. Pebble beach slopes gradually, making it extremely wide during low tide and quite narrow during high tide. Our advice? Bring along a camera when you visit this, because you wouldn’t want to miss the picturesque setting in all directions.

East Beach

Don’t want to spend your time on the beach just sitting and doing nothing? Then East Beach of Santa Barbara might be the perfect choice for you. The vast majority of activities available on this beach include a bike path, volleyball courts, scattered but generous parking, stand up paddleboarding, palm trees, kayaking, and even boogie boarding. Further, if you are a fan of art, it is also home to art galleries and shops. Not to mention that the beach is super clean and offers an amazing experience.

Venice Beach

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our all-time favorite beach… Venice Beach! Just a few short miles from the Santa Monica pier, Venice Beach has it all! Street vendors, street shows, local artists and art exhibits, a skatepark, incredible local eats, and of course, us! You’ve seen this place in movies and TV shows, why not try and check it out for yourself?


Home to a variety of beaches, California is a state where you can go to a new beach every day for one year straight, and still have many more beaches left to explore. This list included only a handful of them which you can strike off of your wishlist while also getting an unforgettable seaside experience. So, what you’re waiting for?