Best Cover Bands in California

Cover or tribute bands are the ultimate forms of entertainment at an event. A lot of the best bands specialize in good music and a top-notch production that will delight and captivate guests. There’s such a wide range of cover bands, from impersonators and parody acts, to legit performers with serious pipes. In this article, we’ll be sharing some of California’s BEST musical and comedic talent, with the list encompassing a variety of acts.

Strictly Song

In this category, we’re talking serious musicians who focus on delivering acts that are true to the music they are performing. You won’t find any funny business here folks! These acts are perfect for traditional wedding receptions and more serious, elegant events.

1. Dallas & Doll

This group is made up of Doll Knight, an award-winning vocalist from Los Angeles, and Dallas Kruse, award-winning producer. This duo has an amazingly smooth, sultry sound that harkens back to the era of Motown, Soul, and Jazz. They cite influence from artists like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and Sam Cooke, to Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and the Supremes. They are available as a duo, trio, quartet, or even up to 15 pieces with horns and strings!



THE TRIP is one of the most sought after cover bands in all of California, and it’s not hard to see why. They have an infectious energy and an electric presence on stage. They cover music from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, as well as today’s Top 40 and popular rock hits of the modern age. They’ve performed at events for Microsoft, Disney, Lucasfilms, IBM, Sony, Budweiser, and more. And fans love them, made obvious by their 100+ raving testimonials! One glowing review states “Our experience with The Trip was terrific. Along with being a very talented group of performers, they were completely professional. They knew how to read the crowd and knew what songs would resonate with our crowd of professionals. We would wholeheartedly book The Trip again, and recommend them to any other association or group looking for a band to play at their next conference or meeting.”


3. Carly & The King

This neo-folk duo met in college and have since been kept busy performing at weddings, corporate functions, and private parties, as well as at renowned establishments such as the House of Blues Foundation Room in Anaheim and Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. Carly’s soaring vocals coupled with Sebastian’s harmonious guitar chops and magical harmonies make up the duo’s unique sound. 


Something Funny

Music and laughs… a match made in heaven. These bands are bringing both to the table, and guests are sure to have a rip-roaring good time.

1. Undead Kennedys

This band does Dead Kennedys covers… in full zombie makeup. Hence the name UN-dead Kennedys. Could it get any better than this? The Undead Kennedys are led by Dukey Flyswatter and made up of fellow L.A. horror-punk enthusiasts. While usually more popular around Halloween, don’t be fooled — these guys are sure to offer guests a ghoulishly good time, any time of year.


2. GayC/DC

Think: AC/DC but more… flamboyant? This group flips the macho, rock ‘n’ roll, tough guy energy of AC/DC on its head, with feather boas and plenty of glam and glitter. But this act isn’t exactly family-friendly, so be warned. But GayC/DC is the perfect act for a laidback, adults-only crowd who is looking for some unique, gut-busting entertainment!


3. Krammpstein

Looking for some truly out-there entertainment? Krammpstein will surely deliver. They describe themselves as a “high-concept, hard-rocking industrial Ragnarök of Rammstein hybridized with the horns, pelts, and masks of our favorite Alpine Devil. Green Jellÿ alum Greg Reynard and his crew of infernal co-Krampi, churn out Rammstein’s greatest hits obsessively reworked to lyrically reflect the inner world of the Krampus, hellfire, brutal thrashings, and Christmas cookies.” It sounds like an amazing time to us! In case you didn’t catch it, frontman Greg Reynard performs pieces from German electro-metal band Rammstein, dressed as Alpine Yuletide demon, Krampus. This show is simultaneously nightmare-inducing yet delightfully festive and wildly entertaining. The props and special effects are unmatched, and the costumes are really well done and do a lot to enhance the performance.


Which band do you want to see live?

All of the bands we listed above bring something new and exciting to the table, and you’re sure to find one that complements your event. Whether you’re looking for some exceptional musical talent or a comedy act that will have guests in stitches, California is the best place to find ‘em.