Best Places To Eat In Venice

Venice is a small and compact beach town near Los Angeles with each place adding a mesmerizing vibe to your touring adventure. Leave aside the map, drop the beach experience you planned, and just explore the streets of this beautiful city. The aura of this city is best suited for families and couples planning to get a memorable tour together. Spectacular scenery and cooperative locals make Venice the best neighborhood in the world. But that’s not it.

Food lovers can find their paradise in Venice, provided they know where and what, to begin with. However, many tourists have claimed over time that the food here is expensive and we can’t argue about it either because it is. Also, the menus here might miss major cuisines like Asian and/or Mexican, but there is still enough variety available. Fortunately, the food is great and is tasteful enough to satisfy your taste buds. And that is, of course, if you know where to dine-in. So, to help you get the most amazing food in Venice, here are 6 restaurants you definitely should visit on your next trip to the beach town near Los Angeles.

Charcoal Venice

Are you a fan of BBQ and the smoky, charcoal-like flavors embossed into your meat? If that makes you nod in excitement, then Charcoal Venice is a must-visit place for you. Started by Michelin-starred chef Josiah Citrin in late 2018, this restaurant was started south of the Venice canals. The theme chosen for the restaurant is Backyard BBQ where the deep smoky flavors are enough to leave the guests wanting for more. Also, don’t worry if you are a vegetarian. The place likes playing with vegetables in a way that turns them into steamy, hot, and tasteful dishes. Just visit here, and you’d know how even vegetarian dishes can make you experience foodgasm.

Felix Trattoria

If you want to forget every single pasta you have had before your visit here, Felix Trattoria can make you do that. Forget about being the best pasta in Venice, here you will find the best pasta on the West Coast. That seems made-up but is actually true. Evan Funke and his team rolls, cuts, and forms noodles from behind a pane of glass, offering their guests dinner as well as an eye-catching show. And although handmade pasta is the primary attraction here, the cozy bungalow restaurant also has sfincione focaccia, which is a combination of blistered-crust pizzas with antipasti. The dish is extremely delicious and you will find it hard to resist. A word of advice though. It’s jam-packed during all seasons and unless you want to try your luck by waiting at the stools near the entrance, it’s good to make a reservation in advance.

The Tasting Kitchen

The restaurant provides a dining experience so calming, relieving, and tempting, that you would not want to leave the premises. Trees are sprouting throughout the dining room, with the flavorful smell of pasta hitting every table at every minute. Although pasta is a must-order here in The Tasting Kitchen, it’s not only about them. American classics are also available here to offer you a diverse dining experience. Whether it is the biscuits or grilled iron steak with dinner or even gravy at brunch, The Tasty Kitchen has got you covered. Also, the place makes a great day-or-night spot which is why you must always snag a reservation beforehand so that you could enjoy your great food without having to wait in long queues.


The place is easy to miss if you are unaware of what you are looking for. Like we already said, for you to have a great food experience, it is important to know the places. Gjusta is a bakery that opens all day and serves a great variety of bread and other snacks. The place has everything for people who have a sweet and savory taste. For the former, the place offers slices of fruit folded into the sugar-glazed dough, whereas sandwiches and salads quench the savory needs of the diners. While the place might be pricey, you won’t be disappointed with the taste it offers. Gjusta does some great things with porchetta and bread. The place is in a nondescript warehouse, so it would be a little hard to exactly locate it. However, you can easily spot is based on the crowd waiting outside.

American Beauty

Don’t let the name intimidate you in thinking it’s only meant for American dishes. The place is a great steakhouse with tons of vegetarian options available as well. However, the place is well-known for its steakhouse classics like the 32 oz porterhouse and big potato stuffed with onion and sour cream being the requisite sides. But that is just not it. American Beauty also offers tasteful originals including the whole cooked Orata with creamy eggplant puree and the minty scallop carpaccio. The place is also ideal for a professional meet up or a usual dine-in experience if you are craving steaks.


So what you are not in Venice, Italy? You can taste the food cooked in the classic and modern Italian approach here in California. Scopa does exactly that and is the reason why you must visit this place during your time in Venice. Each dish is cooked using either classic or modern-day Italian style, and that makes your dining experience worth every single penny. The lasagna you’d order might seem standard, until you cut through the soft layers, only to find rabbit meat at its core. Amazed? You bet. Now think about feasting on the dish. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From salads to liquor to even tempting dessert, Scopa has much more to offer.

Superba Food + Bread

It would not be wrong to say that this is one of the best cafes in the entirety of Los Angeles. Fresh bread which is baked daily makes a perfect morning breakfast as well as a quick evening snack. Also, not to mention the to-do loves, toasts layered with weekly-rotating jams, and sandwiches for everyone, this place is ideal for a quick snack.

With all these options and more, it’s hard to steer clear of this beach city. Have you visited any of these establishments? What’s your favorite place to eat in Venice?