Buffet or Served Meal: Pros and Cons

Planning a wedding? Then we are sure you have, by now, booked a venue, decided a theme for the wedding, invited your guests, and planned on how to serve foods and beverages to the attendees. While every part of the wedding planning process requires a touch of creativity to make it unique and great, the meal options part is where it can get tricky. And by that, we mean the overwhelming options available for you to plan how meals are served to the guests.

Options like a plated, buffet, and family-style meal can keep you wondering until the very day of the wedding. Now as someone who will be taking care of the wedding preparations, it wouldn’t be right for you to keep working on this, keeping aside everything else that needs your attention, too. So it is extremely important to understand the benefits of each meal serving option to decide which one meets your needs.

Buffet System

Buffet style is often identified as food stationed on long tables where the attendees can view and take the food item they prefer. The setting is to help yourself kinda catering where the food items usually involve finger foods, either hot or cold, and are made to be eaten standing up holding a small plate with a napkin. Food is typically presented on ceramic or glass platters and is kept on tables where either a server is present to serve meals to the guests, or attendees can walk around to help themselves.

Now it really depends on the grandness of the event you are planning to host. Based on this, the food set can be simple or as dazzling as required. You can either keep one for all dishes or a variety of food cuisines to please your guests.

Pros Of A Buffet Style Catering

Cons of Buffet Style Catering

Served Meal

Plated meals or served meals are meant for formal events and black-tie affairs. If you are high on budget and have ample amount of time to spare for the event, this type of catering might just be the best choice for you. It is both time-consuming and expensive considering the amount of labor required. Also, the elegance and sophistication provided by served meals setting can contribute to your event, making it look and feel better.

Pros of Served Meal Setting

Cons of Served Meal Setting


While both buffet system and served meals have their own set of advantages, when it comes down to choosing between the two, it depends on several factors. What type of guests are you expecting? Is it a formal event? How many guests do you expect? How big is the venue? Answering these questions might help to provide a better idea on which meal serving option suits your need.