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Corporate Events at The Lot

The term “Corporate Event” may rouse cringe-worthy images of stuffy, boring get-togethers forced upon you by a business that you are a client of or your employer under the guise of “team-building” and “relationship strengthening”. Add the word “corporate” in front of anything really and it instantly sucks the fun right out of whichever word has the misfortune of following.

BUT! Corporate events don’t have to be a pain. In fact, it’s possible for them to be — dare I say — actually fun. Yes, it is possible. And we’re going to give you some tips on how to make a corporate event a lively, engaging, FUN celebration with your colleagues. 

At the lot, we host all kinds of corporate events. The scope and scale of the events we can plan in a parking lot can be surprising at times! We can pretty much do it all. Here are some of the most common types of corporate events, and some of our tips on how to make them a success:

1. Trade Shows & Conferences

Trade shows and conferences are designed to bring together members of a specific industry to display, demonstrate, and discuss the latest products and services. Essentially, it is a place to show off what your company is doing to other companies like yours. Trade shows and conferences are usually held indoors in a conference center, but we think that’s kinda lame, especially if it’s a beautiful day outside. Why let something like that go to waste?! Consider holding your trade show or conference outdoors with the gorgeous backdrop of Venice Beach.

Success Tip: Take this opportunity to make genuine connections and network with peers. If you get too caught up in marketing your product, you’ll miss out on half the value! By holding a smaller trade show outdoors at a location like our lot, it lends itself more to making these types of personal connections. This can be difficult in the busy, bustling atmosphere of a huge conference.

2. Appreciation Events

Appreciation events are focused on showing your appreciation (duh) to either clients, employees, or both. These types of events can do a lot to raise morale and productivity.

Success Tip: The goal here is to send the message that each member of your team and each client is a valued individual. For this reason, you should keep these kinds of events small, intimate, and low key. If you do activities and games, ensure that the prizes are valuable and relevant, otherwise, you run the risk of giving off the vibe that your employees or clients aren’t worth nice things.

3. Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are all fun and no business. This is a time for you and your team to relax and get in the spirit of the upcoming holiday. 

Success Tip: Keep holiday parties lighthearted and fun. Avoid trying to slide in any sort of sales-y or business-centered messaging. Instead, just lighten up, relax, and enjoy fun holiday-themed activities and games. And don’t skimp on the decor! Invest in some nice holiday decorations that will really invoke the joy of the season. If you buy nice, high-quality decorations, you can use them over and over again for years to come!

4. Charity Events

Charity events are great to cultivate a sense of camaraderie among colleagues and with the community. Not only are these fun and festive, but they also contribute to a good cause. It’s a win-win!

Success Tip: Choose a cause that everyone can rally around and promote the heck out of it. Avoid choosing a very niche or polarizing cause, as some people may be reluctant to support things they don’t understand or that aren’t relevant in their lives. Finally, make sure the platform you use for donations is straightforward and user-friendly. 

5. Team-Building Events

These events are solely focused on strengthening relationships with your team. These can help with creating a workplace environment that is fun and feels like a true family rather than a distant group of acquaintances. 

Success Tip: Include your team in planning this event! A lot of the team-building can be done before the event by holding meetings to discuss and sending out surveys. Your colleagues will feel a surge of pride and appreciation that you thought to include them in the planning stages, and it will lead to a more productive and enjoyable event. 

Hold your next corporate event at The Brig Parking Lot!

Stuffy, corporate conference buildings are old news. Ditch the drab and opt for fresh air, sunshine, and beautiful weather. The Brig lot is the perfect location for a corporate event, and can accommodate pretty much anything you can dream up! Plus, is there anything better than the views of Venice Beach on the horizon? Our lot blows conference buildings out of the water. Reach out to us and make your next corporate event the talk of the town.