Hauntingly Good Outdoor Venues for Halloween in Venice, CA

Hauntingly Good Outdoor Venues for Halloween in Venice, CA

Halloween is a time for ghoulish fun, imaginative costumes, and unforgettable parties. Venice, California, with its bohemian aura and coastal charm, offers the perfect backdrop for a spine-tingling outdoor bash. From the atmospheric Brig Parking Lot to the echoing laughter along the Venice Beach Boardwalk, here’s your guide to the best outdoor venues for your Halloween celebration.

1. The Brig Parking Lot: A Blank Canvas of Horrors

Overview: An iconic Venice location, The Brig Parking Lot, transforms from a daytime parking space to a nightly hub of activity. For Halloween, its expansive space can metamorphose into a haunting realm of ghouls and specters.
Why It’s Perfect: Its vast openness is a canvas waiting for your theme, be it a haunted carnival, a ghostly graveyard, or a zombie dance-off.
Capacity: Can host several thousand Halloween enthusiasts, depending on layout and setup.

2. Venice Beach Boardwalk: Moonlit Masquerade by the Waves

Overview: The waves, the moonlight, and the eerie call of the ocean create a mystical environment on Venice Beach Boardwalk.
Why It’s Perfect: Besides beach games and music, you can set up themed booths, have a costume parade, or even a spooky bonfire storytelling session.
Capacity: From intimate gatherings of 50 to larger events of several thousands.

3. Windward Plaza Park: Where Ghouls Gather

Overview: This park offers a spacious setting for an extensive Halloween fair or a large-scale trick-or-treat event. With a close view of the iconic Venice sign, the ambiance can be both festive and haunting.
Why It’s Perfect: Its proximity to the beach and central location makes it easy for guests to find. Set up haunted houses, ghostly mazes, or even a witch-themed carnival.
Capacity: Easily accommodates up to 2,000 guests.

4. Venice Canals: A Ghostly Gondola Ride

Overview: Venice Canals offer an intimate, serene, and uniquely spooky setting.
Why It’s Perfect: Imagine lantern-lit pathways, ghostly gondola rides, and eerie echoes along the canals. It’s a Halloween dream.
Capacity: Ideal for smaller, more intimate gatherings of up to 100 guests.

5. Ocean Front Walk: The Haunted Promenade

Overview: This famous pedestrian stretch, brimming with performers and vendors during the day, can morph into a ghostly promenade by night.
Why It’s Perfect: The space is flexible for various activities, from Halloween markets to masquerade balls.
Capacity: Can host both medium-sized gatherings of around 500 guests to larger ones with thousands.


Venice, California, with its eclectic charm and vibrant energy, is an ideal location to host an outdoor Halloween event. The venues, each unique in their own right, offer a plethora of possibilities to make your party the talk of the town. So, put on your witch’s hat, stir the cauldron, and get planning for a Halloween bash that’ll be remembered for years to come!