Iconic Abbot Kinney Boulevard – The Place to Be in Venice Beach

The place to be in Venice Beach … is Iconic Abbot Kinney Boulevard. The iconic street is packed with all things Venice, including unique shops, vibrant galleries, and plenty of delicious restaurants and of course, it is home to yours truly, The Brig Bar. According to GQ Magazine, Abbot Kinney Boulevard is where the cool kids go … Seriously, it was deemed the “coolest block in America” by them and we couldn’t agree more! Originally named after Venice Beach’s founder, Abbot Kinney Boulevard has a colorful history dating back to the early 1900s. Today, it remains a staple of California culture. So let’s take a stroll down the epic boulevard and see what makes it so special.

It’s no secret that Abbot Kinney attracts many shoppers because of the variety of shops that line its beautiful streets. Many creative entrepreneurs are also attracted to the area for this reason. There is a mix of vintage shops, boutiques, art studios, and design studios and it’s a great place to nestle into for inspiration. Everyone can indulge in one-of-a-kind pieces and truly amazing artwork as they hop from shop to shop with the ocean breeze flowing through their hair.

In addition to the shopping, Abbot Kinney Boulevard has a diverse culinary scene. This alone has made it quite the attraction for locals, tourists, and all those foodies out there. There is something for everyone from California staples to international cuisines, the boulevard will get your taste buds going! We suggest stopping in for a slice of pepperoni pizza from Abbot’s Pizza Co. then heading over to Salt and Straw for dessert! After that, head on over to The Brig Bar. We serve up craft beers and food alongside fun entertainment and sports on every screen.

One of the best parts about Abbot Kinney Boulevard is the outdoor events it has! Every year there are weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and much more. Some outdoor events are even held annually like the Abbot Kinney Festival. It takes place every Fall, and is one of the boulevard’s largest events to enjoy art, yummy foods, and live music!

The Venice Beach Music Fest is another staple event that mixes music with performers and much more. This community goes off for these outdoor events and attracts lots of crowds seeking some fun! Venice Beach truly has some of the best venues.

The Brig Parking Lot, an outdoor event space along Abbot Kinney Blvd., has a 6,700 square foot lot and is one of Venice Beach’s most popular spots for outdoor events and rightfully so, with dreamy views of the beach and plenty of space to live it up!

If you are looking to throw an outdoor event in the heart of Venice Beach, you will want to learn more about renting the event space at The Brig Parking Lot! Connect with us now to learn more!