Planning Tips for Your Outdoor Halloween Bash in Venice, CA

Planning Tips for Your Outdoor Halloween Bash in Venice, CA

The Brig Parking Lot: A Blank Canvas of Horrors – An iconic Venice location, The Brig Parking Lot, transforms from a daytime parking space to a nightly hub of activity. For Halloween, its expansive space can metamorphose into a haunting realm of ghouls and specters. The Brig Parking Lot offers vast openness, which is a canvas waiting for your theme, be it a haunted carnival, a ghostly graveyard, or a zombie dance-off. Our venue can host several thousand Halloween enthusiasts, depending on layout and setup.

Planning Tips for Your Outdoor Halloween Bash at The Brig Parking Lot in Venice, CA:

  1. Themed Decor: The decoration can make or break your Halloween party. Whether you’re going for a classic haunted house look or a more quirky ’80s horror vibe, ensure that the decor is consistent and immersive.
  2. Interactive Booths: Consider setting up booths or tents with different activities, from face painting to fortune-telling.
  3. Live Performances: Venice is home to a plethora of artists. Incorporate local bands, dancers, and performers who can add an entertainment aspect to the party.
  4. Safety Measures: Make sure the area is well-lit and secure. If you’re expecting a large crowd, hire security personnel to manage the event and maintain safety.
  5. Permits: Always check with local authorities about the necessary permits, especially if you’re using public spaces.
  6. Weather Prep: While Venice enjoys milder Octobers, be prepared for sudden changes. Consider tented areas or provide ponchos in case of unexpected rain.
  7. Costume Contests: Encourage guests to dress up by organizing a costume contest with exciting prizes. It adds an element of competition and fun.
  8. Food and Drinks: Collaborate with local food trucks or caterers. Consider having themed food and drinks, like pumpkin spice beverages or ghostly treats.
  9. Environmentally Friendly: Encourage eco-friendly practices. Opt for biodegradable decor and tableware and set up recycling stations.
  10. Transport and Parking: If your venue doesn’t provide ample parking, make sure to inform your guests beforehand. For venues like The Brig Parking Lot, set up clear signages to guide guests.


Venice, California, with its eclectic charm and vibrant energy, is an ideal location to host an outdoor Halloween event. The Brig Parking Lot offers a plethora of possibilities to make your party the talk of the town. So, put on your witch’s hat, stir the cauldron, and get planning for a Halloween bash that’ll be remembered for years to come!