Questions to Ask Your Photographer Pre-Event

These days, photography with smartphones is a fad as nearly everyone takes snaps to capture some special moments.  

It is a fact that smartphones with high megapixels have made photography easier. However, when it comes to large-scale social or corporate events, you need the skill and aesthetics of a professional photographer.

If you are about to host an event, be it social or corporate, you, your family or colleagues will have hundreds of tasks to make the event seamless and successful. 

During such a busy time, it is ideal to handover the responsibility of photography to a skillful and expert photographer whose sole focus will be capturing and documenting the special moments with an eye for details. 

Generally, you can hire a photographer for any of the following events: 

Pictures from some of these special events give lifelong memories to cherish. Other photos can develop and boost your brand identity.

Questions to Ask Your Photographer Before an Event

camera on a tripod

1. Have you done similar event photoshoots before? Can I see your portfolio?

This is an important question, as you would not want to hire a photographer who looks clueless during the event. A professional photographer will have adequate skill and experience to blend in and capture the moments perfectly compared to an amateur one. However, you need to figure that out before the event. 

It is up to you whether you want to hire a generalist or a specialist event photographer. You would also need to know that the photographer has the background of working in similar types of events. It will be too much of a risk to hire someone who has never done event photography such as weddings, corporate shows, or fashion shoots. 

If the photographer has the required experience, learn about the events he/she worked in the past. The purpose of asking for a portfolio is to know about past projects. Even if the photographer has a great reputation, you need to check the portfolio to be sure.  

Lastly, ask for references to verify the photographer’s credibility before making the hiring decision. Through references, you can find out the level of client satisfaction the photographer provides. This is also the best way to figure out how the photographer works and interacts with clients.

2. Can you please tell me the process you follow, including the album designing & the final product?

Well, this is a more delicate way to learn about the uniqueness of the photographer’s service. True professional services are not just about photography only, but also about the individual’s sense of responsibility and responsiveness. 

By asking about the photographer’s work process including, album designing, and the method of delivering the final product, you will have an overall idea about the method he/she follows for consistent and quality work.

Once you understand the album designing process, you can provide your input. For example, you can select your favorite images from different shots; and then the photographer may create the album layout with your preferred design, including cover fabrics. 

These days, photographers deliver the final product through various options. For example, your chosen photographer can send you both a designed physical album, along with digital copies. If you choose both options, ask how much will they cost.  

3. Will you be available on the event date or also have other commitments? Will you do the job yourself, or send someone else?

Professional photographers often shuffle between multiple assignments. You can ask this question to make sure the person is available for the full day. Any other commitment on the same day will split the photographer’s time and attention. You may have to pay more if you need to book a photographer for your event only.

Ask if the main photographer will do the job at your event, or there will be someone else. Often photographers bring along one or two associates to capture more photos in a shorter time. It may also add diversity in photography, and you may have to shell out a little extra for this addition. 

Also, do not forget to ask if the photographer (s) will carry any backup equipment. If the primary equipment malfunctions, the person should have a backup ready to continue with the job.

4. What are your packages, terms, and cost? If the event stretches longer, will you stay? 

Ask the photographer about his/her payment terms, cancellations, rescheduling, usage rights, satisfaction guarantee, delivery timelines, etc. Having specific terms and conditions is important in case something goes wrong. 

Generally, professional photographers offer customizable packages. Discuss with the person if you can get a customized package that best suits your requirements. 

Discuss the total potential cost in advance. Pricing varies according to the services you will ask for. For example, if the photographer will have to do editing, retouching, resizing, or other alterations to make the images customizable, the overall fee may go up. In addition, if the photography also includes pre-event shoot (e.g., weddings), the pricing will likely be higher. 

Make sure to discuss with the photographer if he/she is ready to stay longer in case the event goes beyond schedule, and if there will be additional charges for the extra time.

Closing Words

When you desire to get perfect images of an event, hiring a professional photographer is ideal. The questions listed in this post will help you select a photographer with the right kind of skill and experience.

If you do not want to depend on the chance factor and get excellent outcome, hire a professional to capture those special memories.