Spring Trends for Events

Spring is a busy season for events, provided you live in a place where the weather is actually getting nice and you’re not still seeing that pesky mid-April snowfall that no one invited to the party. Though we’re kind of in a weird spot with the state of the world right now, we’re crossing our fingers that we will be able to test out these awesome spring trends before the end of the season!

Paper Flowers

You may be thinking “Paper flowers?! Tacky much?” And yes, we understand why you would think that. Remember when you would make those chintzy tissue paper flowers in elementary school art class? Well, erase that horrendous memory from your mind because that is not this. Paper flowers have evolved over the years, to the point where the high-quality ones are almost indistinguishable from real flowers. Yeah, seriously. But you don’t necessarily have to go for realism either. There are bouquets and arrangements for all your needs. Go big and blinged out with a statement piece, or subtle and realistic for a more traditional look. That’s the beauty of paper flowers, they’re SO customizable. You can even rent them or reuse them in the future because they never dry out or die, making them a sustainable and budget-friendly option.

Earth Tones

It’s a shame that earth tones were never really a spring thing. Why not? Spring is all about nature, so it’s only natural that earth tones would be welcomed into spring decor trends with open arms. Luckily, people are finally catching on and earth tones are getting their time to shine. It may be due in a large part to the succulent movement, where the beautiful greens, subtle browns, and rich plums of these wonderful little plants have inspired many spring color palettes. While we’re used to seeing bright pops of color or a medley of pastels in spring, muted, natural tones are quickly taking over.


Speaking of succulents, let’s speak of succulents. If you’re not feeling the bright, bold pops of color for spring, then succulents are an excellent way to embody the fresh, carefree feeling of spring without going overboard on the saturation. They’re reminiscent of flowers with their petal-like composition, but they offer a muted color arrangement that makes for a simple yet elegant look for your event. You can incorporate succulents into bouquets and flower arrangements, event decor, party favors, and more. People are even requesting frosting and fondant succulents on their cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts. 


Sustainable party decor is in, especially for spring! With earth day on April 22nd and the big focus on the beauty of the natural world in bloom, this season is perfect for embracing sustainable options for your events. Unfortunately, there is a big emphasis on convenience when it comes to throwing a party or event. You always see articles and blog posts stressing disposable, single-use everything for quick and easy cleanup. The huge downside to this is the massive negative impact that these single-use plastics and other items have on our planet. What was used for one night of entertainment must now sit in a landfill (or worse — our oceans or wilderness!) pretty much forever. But those hopping on the trend of sustainable party decor are aiming to change that. Here are some ways you can incorporate sustainable items into your event:

Bold Colors

Spring decor is known for bright colors and mixed pastels, but when we say bold, we mean BOLD. Zesty yellows, bodacious reds, vibrant pinks… used sparingly, these can really bring the entire look of your event together. This works especially well in spring when used in floral arrangements. Using various flowers with bold, contrasting colors in your decor will help keep it elegant while still making a statement.

Spring is all about embracing the new!

… So don’t be afraid to experiment with these trends! Guests will be delighted to see something fresh and unique, so let your imagination cook something up (perhaps using one of these trends).