Summer Wedding Trends

There is one event in our lives that we often want to celebrate to the core and make it as grand as we could – our wedding. Though making it grand doesn’t always work for some people and they like focusing more on the details, it depends on the type of wedding one wants. However, one thing that everyone has in common while planning for their weddings, is to make sure they follow the trends.

Now, when it is about following trends, it always comes down to the little details such as choosing the tones of the colors used and incorporating the shade in everything including invites, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and even the decor used. Maybe you have heard about the trending colors of the year but, was it for a wedding or home decor and fashion? What about the flowers you are trying to get to your wedding decor? Are you aware which hot topics are circling weddings?

If you do, great, you can straight away get yourself busy in the preparations. But if you don’t, use this opportunity to get informed about the latest summer trends about weddings.


Cut down the huge guest list to make your wedding a pretty exclusive party. Think of micro-weddings as an invite-only wedding which includes 40 people or less. This automatically allows you to have a high per guest budget, and you will still end up saving a lot more than inviting over 200 people to your wedding. Think of these weddings as a gathering of 50 strong friends and family at a manor house, drinking champagne and singing impromptu songs. Or it could be just you, your partner, and close friends and family enjoying time on a paradise beach. 

Micro-weddings are trending because they cut down the expenses, are easy to plan, and include only those who you think should absolutely be present on this auspicious day. How much better can it get?

Bundt Cakes

Have you heard of these European cakes? Well, these doughnut-shaped cakes are Southern hospitalities which are slowly engraving their presence across all weddings in America. They are used either as a supplement or are substituted as the actual wedding cake. Since Bundt cakes are usually not associated with any single recipe, the presentation can make even a simple cake looks tempting. After all, presentation matters. Also, unique cake stands and tablecloths can help level up your style status.


Including calligraphy and graphic prints to your decor can take your summer wedding to the next level. Having patterned table runners, napkins, stationery offers a trendy and modern vibe to your summer wedding. Also, adding calligraphic details to the decor can bring a lot of elegance right to your own disposal. Want more? Bring in tropical accents like flamingos and pineapples, which are sure to provide surprises and a smile on your guest’s faces. What’s even better, is that you don’t need a tropical theme to get started with these decorations. All this works with any theme of your choice.


Who wouldn’t like a bunch of flowers strung together hanging right above the center of the place? Gone are the days when flowers were only meant to decorate receptions and tables and chairs. Now are the days where ceiling arrangements are used as centerpieces suspended over tables. This is sure to get your guests drooling over the looks and feels of the wedding venue. Bouquets, on the other hand, are still inspired by seasonal summer flowers. 

Sustainable Weddings

How about an event that not only marks the starting of a new phase of your life but is also easy on nature? Sounds trendy to us. Sustainable weddings have become quite a trend among the couples as it makes good use of the natural surroundings to make weddings look and feel happier while also reducing the carbon footprints. Eco-weddings are trending as they don’t sacrifice the luxury but only focuses on maintaining the sustainable factor in your wedding. It’s like a win-win for you and mother Earth.

Bridesmaid Dresses – The New Trend

Sure it will look all symmetric and stuff when all of your bridesmaids are dressed in identical dresses. But you don’t want to miss out on what is trending in summer weddings now, do you? Just pick a shade and allow your girls to go shop whatever they want. Even better, give them specific guidelines such as sleeves and dress length is you feel so inclined. 

Food, ‘Coz That Matters

It’s summer, and you don’t want to fill your dinner tables with a buffet so heavy, that it will make everyone feel the heat. The new trends in wedding food have come up with more focus on healthy comfort foods. For example, mac and cheese are substituted with pasta salad. Also, summer calls for ice pops and ice cream, how can we miss that? And while there are always ways to make cold dessert game more serious, try edible flowers, gourmet flavors, and herbs topped with a creative presentation to make it look and taste delicious.

The Party’s Lit

Want to blend in with the best wedding trends? Then a good lighting setup at your wedding is a sure-fire way to show guests you are following the trends. The options are endless when it comes to using lights to decorate your wedding venue. Use hanging installations, LEDs, or even tube lighting to get the job done. You can also use distinctive lightings such as adding fairy lights above your cake table, subtle lighting on the dinner tables, and so on. The trend makes sure the party’s lit.

Welcome Gifts To Thank Your Guests

Today, destination weddings have become quite a preferred thing by most of the couples who like turning their wedding celebration into a weekend-long vacation. With you, your guests are also dedicating their time and efforts to stay and enjoy your wedding. As a token of thank you, favors have now turned into welcome gifts. Choose from tote bags with goodies, including a weekend itinerary about the list of things to do in the place.