TRENDING NOW: Spring Events 2022 at The Brig Parking Lot

TRENDING NOW: Spring Events 2022 at The Brig Parking Lot

Spring is finally here and we are just as excited as you are about all the festivities coming our way! Venice is such a sweet spot to spend spring in and we have some tips for planning your on Spring Events 2022! 

Get your color on! Colorful events are in for Spring 2022! The brighter the better! Think cherry red, deep purple, and those lovely blues. Add gold to accent or make it a main color scheme to your party! From weddings to birthday parties, we are seeing things in color this Spring!

Lifestyle focused events are in! Vegan, sustainable, repurposing event flowers, really any attempt at a sustainable event is recognized these days! Make sure you include a sprinkle of this into your planning to show your support of sustainability. 

Venue is a key component of an event’s success. With all the restrictions due to variant upon variant of Covid, most are opting for outdoor spaces to keep everyone healthy! This mindfulness echos to your community that you are being conscientious and event attendees in mind. Your Spring Events 2022 space should be large enough to make sure all can comfortably enjoy the company without bumping elbows. Some of the perks of using The Brig Lot as your event space, equates to 6,700 square feet of room with access to Abby Blvd’s list of Venice’s premier spots. The uncertainty of Covid has left many scrambling at events with a shortage of access to second options if someone should fall sick, but we’ve got you all covered here