Outdoor Event

Why Choose An Outdoor Venue

It’s finally fall, and you know what that means? Yes, it means Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner, but more importantly, so is cooler weather! Sure, we’ll miss the warm summer days on Venice Beach, but we can’t complain about the cool, crisp weather that comes along with the fall season. There’s really no better time of year to host outdoor events than this season! If you’re looking for a venue to host some kind of event (party, corporate event, charity, etc.), let us explain to you why you should choose an outdoor venue.

Stuffy Room vs. Fresh Air

Who really loves being stuck in a stuffy, bland, colorless room for special events? Answer: No one! When it comes to events like trade shows, corporate parties, charity events, they tend to be held in boring conference rooms inside hotels and there is nothing appealing about those kinds of venues. Why be stuck in a mundane venue inside when you could be in the sunshine, breathing in the fresh air at an outdoor venue? Outdoor venues can create a sense of openness and freedom rather than keeping everyone confined to one giant room. We’ll take the outdoors over stuffy rooms any day of the week!

Fall Weather is Perfect!

Most places in the U.S. may be colder during the fall season, but not California! I mean, we are called “The Golden State” for a reason. The average temperature in Southern California during the fall is a high of 78 degrees and a low of 60 degrees. Considering the fact that the low temperatures will come during the evening times, 78 degrees for corporate events/parties during the day is pretty ideal. Outdoor venues during this time of year are perfect when it comes to comfortable temperatures. Even considering the fact that the low temperatures are in the 60s, this is still comfortable for events like Halloween parties or any sort of evening festivities. However, if you do decide to host an event outdoors in the evening, we’d advise bringing a sweater. 

Creates for a Unique Experience

When was the last time you went to an event/party that was hosted at an indoor venue? Do you remember what it looked like or what kind of attractions they had in them? Probably not. The beauty of outdoor venues is the fact that you have more space, more freedom, and more room to be creative! Outdoor venues can create a more unique experience for attendees with more exciting attractions. Indoor venues may look pretty, but they aren’t all that memorable, are they?

Hosting an event at an outdoor venue unlocks a whole new side of event planning you may never get out of indoor venues. Outdoor venues are able to hold stages, food trucks, bars, carnival attractions, games, live music, and pretty much anything you could think of. If you want to create a more memorable experience for event attendees, you know what kind of venue you need to look for.


This is something that every event planner needs to consider; space! How many people are attending the event? Will the venue have ample space for the attendees? Will individuals be able to comfortably move around without feeling claustrophobic? This can be a big deciding factor when looking for a venue to host an event at. The last thing you’d want to do is stick hundreds of people into a stuffy old hotel conference room, consider an outdoor venue. This kind of venue can give people a sense of freedom and make them feel more comfortable. Even events with smaller populations can use outdoor venues; they are not limited to larger groups! 

What Great Event Isn’t Hosted at Outdoor Venues?

Parties, market nights, concerts, and pretty much any event imaginable could be hosted outdoors! Do you see music festivals being hosted at indoor venues? No, because they want to create a customized, memorable experience for their attendees. In the same way, you want to create a memorable and unique experience for your event attendees, so why not host at an outdoor venue? 

Host Your Next Event At An Outdoor Venue

Forget those old stuffy conference halls, consider outdoor venues for your next event! Create a more memorable, customizable, unique experience for your event attendees. The weather is perfect, the space is ideal, the experience is unforgettable, and everyone loves some fresh air. At Abbot Kinney Blvd., we have plenty of spaces for you to host your outdoor events! Next time you’re looking for an outdoor venue for your event, consider Abbot Kinney.